There's nothing people from the Caribbean enjoy more than a good love story, and Mónika Frías is no exception: the Dominican-born, Barcelona-based videographer enjoys them so much she turned them into a career.   Her warmly intimate yet hilarious videos are a result of her all-hands-on-deck approach: instead of using a large set of audio and lighting equipment, she embeds herself and her D-SLR into every party and catches unexpected moments from the inside. After all, her inspiration for starting Stories with Love came from capturing off-the-cuff moments during an insane weekend with friends at a music festival! Having worked in the tightly structured world of film production before changing paths five years ago, that's what she appreciates the most about this line of work: the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected and heartwarming side of something as beautifully unstructured as a love story.  


Monica's talk is called: The freedom of being you.

It will focus on her journey and how it shaped the way she works. She will explore her shooting and editing style, focusing on how she aims to keep it simple, and how that’s become part of her brand. She will talk about my relationship with couples and why is it so important to connect with them.