'We are José, João, Luisa & Ana, and we are PIXEL, a Porto (PORTUGAL) based team filmmakers who love to travel the world. It is truly hard to put in words our own work… for sure we have cinematic and visual art references, however - and as much in our own lives - for us making a new film is like surfing the next wave, I mean, we are not overly concerned about telling “story” (as they all tend to share the same beginnings and endings), nor follow the established standards… We guess we simply translate the footage that we got on our cameras into something that stimulates senses in every possible way! 


It’s all about adding secret self into every single piece we make, there's no other way of doing it. A few weeks ago, when MJ saw their elopement film for the first time, she texted us saying “you’ve filmed my soul” and it’s probably that, all in all for us, it’s all about showing what you feel instead of just trusting your eyes!'