"When I started my quest for identity as Film Director, soon I realized I needed a theory to sustain my approach. I felt just "instinct" was not enough to do my job” 

Argentinian based Alejandro Calore will be joining us at Rise to share his unique signature approach to storytelling. Considering composition and structure, his presentation is not a motivational talk, but an introduction to the basic principles of cinematography. He bases his approach in simple cinematographic rules which define his non conventional style and inimitable artistry, sometimes breaking all the rules, comfort zones and smashing through the boundaries of modern day wedding cinematography. He is passionate about inviting you to learn the Audiovisual Language and Storytelling; essential starting points to discover and strengthen your own style

"If you don't know the Audiovisual Language, you will always be looking for someone else viewpoint, your approach won't have an identity, and technology will never cover this lack".